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BUILD 2021

International Virtual Leaders Conference

Are we concerned about the state of the Church today? Do we have God’s people and their spiritual growth at heart? Do we desire to build on the message that the first apostles preached?

This conference is for pastors and leaders, to help equip them to serve Jesus better, in the truth of God’s Word, and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Your wife is invited to attend the conference with you. The Spirit of God is seeking men in the last days, that God Himself has chosen from all over the world, to collaborate with Him in the tremendous work of building the Church of Jesus Christ.


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Pastor Miki Hardy

Miki Hardy met Jesus and was born again in 1977. Very quickly he began to feel God’s call to serve Him on his life. Moving to South Africa, he attended Bible School where he received many prophecies from the Lord through various men of God whom he did not know personally, confirming the call he had felt since his conversion.

After a period, he went through a very difficult time in his ministry and his personal life. During this time, the Lord dealt deeply with his heart and revealed to him the message of the cross of Jesus Christ.

This message did not leave his heart, and in 2001, it led to the forming of CTMI (Church Team Ministries International), a Christian organisation which aims to equip and strengthen leaders and churches in Africa and beyond, through the apostolic message of the cross. To accomplish this vision, CTMI organises conferences and events, broadcasts its messages on TV, radio, internet, and other media platforms in Africa, and in the rest of the world.

Registration closing date : 02 May 2021 12h00 (GMT+4)

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CTMI is an informal Christian network, formed in 2001 by a team of church leaders from different countries, who are united by the message of the cross and God’s work in their lives. The vision of CTMI is for leaders and churches in Africa and beyond to be equipped and strengthened with the apostolic message of the cross. www.ctmi.org